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Reduce infant mortality rates in Pakistan


Improve the health of child bearing women


Create a Vocational Training Movement

Who We Are

Sakinah is leading the shift change in healthcare delivery across Pakistan by growing and upskilling the local health worker network

Mother & Child Health

Building an awareness platform that will enable women across Pakistan to make choices that are beneficial for them and their children. Using the power of digital, we will empower women to make smart pre natal and post natal choices.

We believe a HEALTHY mother is critical to the wellbeing of the society

Healthcare Training

Sakinah is curating a network of health care vocational training, backed by the best Medical training techniques. We are not only going to improve quality of healthcare delivery but also to help create means of livelihood

We believe improvement in training will greatly improve the quality of life for Pakistanis.

Specialist Clinic Network

Sakinah aims to cater to all aspects of mother and infant health by building a specialist clinic network across Pakistan.

Specialized healthcare will ensure a collaborative environment, where different specialists will come together to pool in their resources to provide optimum management and treatment of diseases.

Clean Birthing Kits

Educating women on the importance of proper care at the time of delivery has been our #1 mission. Reducing postpartum Hemorrhaging, puerperal sepsis and eclampsia through a safe, simple birthing method demonstrates why we believe simple changes can create the impact we are hoping for

Our Projects

With the help of our donors we are creating a movement for Impact

Clean Birthing Kits (CBK)

We are leading the safe birth drive for rural women in Pakistan.

Clinics Network

Specialists clinics bringing primary healthcare to local communities in Pakistan.




Clean Birthing Kits


Post-Natal Visits


Support Sakinah's vision and contribute to the cause and help change the lives of millions

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