Who We Are

Led by some of the most powerful names in Healthcare, Sakinah is delivering Pakistan’s healthcare shift. Our team are leaders in the field of clinical medicine and health care operations.

Sakinah, a strong willed, dedicated and mission led woman, who lived in Sahiwal in the 70s and 80s and saw how common people struggle to get access to basic healthcare. She struggled against all odds to assist the suffering neighbors and ended up raising doctors and engineers, who rose to the global platform and created impact and value in their fields. The proud children of Sakinah, today are committed to ensuring women in Pakistan do not face the trials their mother and her neighbors faced.

Our Vision

An improved healthcare future for Pakistan.

Our Mission

To improve maternal health, infant mortality and vocational health services in Pakistan.

Our Causes


Reduce Infant Mortality


Improve Maternal Health


Provide Vocational Training


Establish Clinics Network